Take a look at what some of our customers have achieved - we love before and after photos!


Check out the Kitchen Makeover Testimonials too!


I mean this in the nicest way....darn you! Your stuff is amazing and I'm obsessed! Thanks so much.

Thank You
Michelle, New Hampshire


Thank you so much Carol for taking taking the time to show me how to apply the in your own words! It looks beautiful. I am in awe of Carol's skill-she is such a master. I felt so special that she took time out of her busy schedule to work with me. The customer service at Caromal Colours is the best! They are so patient with questions. Carol has taught me that the products are user friendly-do not be afraid and ask questions if needed. Thank you Carol!
Kelly, Mechanicsburg, PA



I was unhappy with the red that my fireplace was painted, too shiny for my liking and a bit to bright so I decided to give your pain a try and I will never use another paint again, I was able to paint with my gas fireplace being on!! (which if you know natural gas it holds all smells and makes the whole house smelly) I applied a coat of peppercorn then the chipping cream, then paprika, then lightly sanded in some spots, then applied the toner (I choose not to wipe it down) and the color is amazing and fits in my room so much better than the other red did and if you notice by the pictures I even painted over the brass trim with the paint and I was amazed how durable it is, even after I sanded it down NO brass came through!! I am hooked and I am looking around my room to see what else I can paint!


Nancy, Rensselaer, NY




For years, my wife and I had always appreciated and loved the charm of the old worn look of primitive furniture. I am a woodworking hobbyist and can build almost anything, but could never figure out how to get the primitive worn look with the finish. Then a couple of years ago, my wife and mother-in-law discovered your Artisan Collection Textured Basecoat paints while on vacation on Cape Cod. When I joined my wife on vacation a few weeks later, I visited the antique shop where the owner gave me a small demonstration. I was floored and purchased my first Barnworn Kit. I built a trencher to try out the finish and was amazed at how easy it was to create the finish that my wife and I had been admiring. I love the product. From now on, it will be the only finish I will use on all the pieces that I build. Now that I have a suitable finish, I am finally able to start up the home shop business creating, finishing, and selling primitive pieces.
Thanks again.
Bob Dolan

  Peppercorn over Paprika  


Kathy Owen - Regional Director - CIR - LI
Clarksville, TN

Think outside the box...   Make plastic candles look authentic!
    Mustard and Peppercorn Textured Basecoat

Lori, NJ

Mustard over Peppercorn Textured Basecoat
Lori, NJ



Chairs updated with Off White RECLAIM  


After -- An elegant yet cheery and cozy room! Bravo Karen!

Karen, CA





Hello again!
I just finished my hutch and loveeeeee it!!! So easy, so fun and so addicting. I just found a couple little vases and things to paint!! Hope you enjoy the pics...
The top [of my hutch] was an ugly tile that I spackled over. 

Thanks again,
Phenomenal work Lori. And next time you don't even have to bother with spackle. Just use the Textured Basecoat to fill in trouble areas.
Mustard over Peppercorn Textured Basecoat    

Lori, NJ


I used one of the barnworn kits to finish my fireplace mantel.  I do not lie when I say that every single person who walks in my house comments on how great the fireplace looks.  They are even more surprised when I tell them I did it myself.  Thank for providing a great product that is really worth every penny. 


Great color combo...

Before   After - Bayberry over Paprika Textured Basecoat

Betsy Rogusta - CIR, IN


Brenda used Textured Basecoat to refinish this beautiful dresser for her sister-in-law. Lucky girl!

We love the before pic!   After - Parchment and Colonial Blue Textured Basecoat

 Brenda Roundy - CIR, UT

We aren't exagerating when we say that our paints really stick!

  I need help! I just finished a project using RECLAIM on an oak wetbar from the 1980's. My problem is i taped the mirror back drop off and was very careful not to get the product on the mirror. Once i removed the tape, there was a smudge of product that i didnt notice and it had dried. I tried scraping it off with a razor blade but that didnt help. i realize the product does bond to anything, but do you know of any product that will at least make that smudge less noticable?  Thanks so much for your help. The bar turned out beautifully despite this little issue!
    Amy Marcks

Parchment over Putty Textured Basecoat    
Putty Textured Basecoat    

I've been meaning to send you some photos from my last projects -- and share how the final product turned out! On the last project, I mixed the blue and paprika basecoats to make a sort of purple-gray color, then used that as a base color for the piece. Followed that with the chipping creme, then the parchment as a top coat. It turned out great! My husband and I converted an old dining room hutch into a TV hutch. I never remember to take before photos, but I thought I'd share a few after photos. Before, it was a regular oak finish.
The other piece was a dining room hutch, painted in the putty basecoat. 
I love your paint! Thanks for such a great product. I have many more projects in the wings. : )


Hi Carol,
      I just recieved your messages and thank you so much for responding so quickly, Wow! I felt really special! I will give the other option a try as I tried the toner by itself and it just didn't show up as I would have liked, because my wood is just to dark. So I will keep trying and when I get it right I will show you, I do papermache santas and I antique over a lot of them so I kinda have a idea as to how it should look, Your paints and ect are great and I am so glad someone finally came up with such a great idea,as I have distressed many things and always wished there was an easier way, Thank Again and keep coming up with more great ideas!

Sally Cohick


Peppercorn and Candy Apple Textured Basecoat   Peppercorn Textured Basecoat

Well I don't know exactly how I got an e-mail from Caromal Colours but oh so glad I did. Took me a little while before I ordered but kept looking at your site and thinking can't be that easy. Well I had been wanting to paint this cabinet for oh oh very long time and finally ordered the Latte Reclaim and Glaze. Cleaned the cabinet with Simple Green and said to myself well it can't look any worse. (No I did not do a before photo) but I went to work. Be aware this cabinet was stained dark brown and was peeling a little I sanded the peel spot a little (sanding is too much work) so I began painting. Looked a little pebbly and my husband said you gonna like that? Well it's a little late for that. About an hour later he came in and said how did you fix that I didn't its dried that way. Oh my excitement is flowing and couldn't wait to put the 2nd coat on well as usual I am impatient. To the touch it felt dry and I was inside doing this so I went took quick and it picked up the first layer a little I corrected that carefully as best as I could and my mom came and could not believe how fast and easy it was going.
I went on vacation for 5 days good thing I was not here to wait but the wait was worth it when I put the Glaze on and wiped off immediately. Put the first coat of Wipe on Poly in the morning, 2nd in the evening, 3rd the next day. I am just in awe of the whole painting experience. I'll have to control myself because before you know it I'll be painting everything where it needs it or not. Ordered the Pumpkin Textured today can't wait. I have an antique milk stool and a drop leaf end table my son made me in high school which is painted peach but that pumpkin color is to die for. Thank you so much my first conversation with a phone call to you was informative and so so kind.

Blanche, Slidell, LA



  I recently built a potting bench out of old wooden pallets and used your bayberry paint and toner to distress it. I LOVED using your products ~ the paint was thick and creamy and the toner was beautiful on the old wood. It really brought out the colors and texture.  Also, no yucky smells and clean up was a breeze!

I attached some pics, but they really don't do the piece justice. In "person" the richness of the paint and toner really shines ~ it truly looks like a piece that is time worn.

Thank you for your product ~ can't wait to build my next project and use it again. Next time I am using the peppercorn paint.

 (Nancy used Bayberry Textured Basecoat)

Note to other skeptics:

Took a piece of degreased old shiny oak kitchen cabinet door and put a fairly thin coat of Colonial Blue Texture Basecoat on it. Two days later and that stuff is stuck like it's part of the wood. Yay, no sanding!!!!!!

Thanks for a great product.

Kay, WA

Just wanted to forward a before and after shot of a jewelry cabinet that I painted with just the off white Reclaim.  (Still working on my photography skills.) LOVE the paint!    I mean, if I can do this, a chimp can do this!  The hardest part was removing the metal clamps off the lid of the can!!!  :)

Jan Schultz - CIR
Cabin Fever
Beallsville, MD




    Cobblestone Distressing Kit

Judy, Lakeland, FL

So I finished RECLAIMING my bedroom set, I did 2 coats on 2 nightstands, and a 4 drawer chest. It turned out so nice! Here are my results.
Ps. I forgot to take before shots of the chest (I was too excited to wait) but it started out as a hunter green color.

I am very proud of them, and was shocked at how easy it was! I felt like a pro!

Brittany, FL

After - Bright White RECLAIM



After - Bright White RECLAIM

Brittany, FL



Before   After - Chocolate Distressing Kit



After - Peppercorn Distressing Kit

Sarah, Sutton, MA



Before   After - Pumpkin Textured Basecoat (heavy Toner)

John and Mary Samar - CIR
Black Crow Antiques & Primitives
Williamsport, PA

Before   After - Peppercorn Distressing Kit


Used your colors on this cabinet I built. Black, off white, yellow and then a coat of my own blue. The undercoats gave a wonderful aged effect. Piece went from New England to southern to midwestern with just changes in color. Thanks for your wonderful product.

Jim, McFarland, WI

 And here's another beautiful piece that Jim created

I LOVE that stuff!....I use it on all our vintage signs...check us out at vintagesignart.com..thanks,

Bill, Mohnton, PA 

Before   After - Peppercorn Distressing Kit


Barnworn Kit - Pumpkin over Peppercorn

 Annie, Suffield, CT

I just wanted to show this piece of furniture that my husband and I just finished.  I am so proud of it and can't wait to show the people at my workshop tonight what you can do with this amazing paint!  I absolutely love it!  We are going to sell it but I am having the hardest time parting with it!

Brenda, Herriman, UT


thanks so much...just love the paint I am passing the word around to our small town of 5000 !!!! thanks so much.

Jeanie, Humboldt, IA

Sent you some before and after pictures of our wall using the Perfect Plaster and Tea glaze. It looks great! There are also some pictures on our web site.

John and Mary Samar - CIR
Black Crow Antiques and Primitive
Williamsport, PA




Before   After - Peppercorn Distressing Kit

David and Lorna, Eden, TX

My client had a lovely granite top with a new sink and tired old oak vanity. I used Peppercorn, med oak Liberon and silverleaf.

Karen, Gaylord, MI


 Bathroom mirror and hardware.  Gilded in copper.  Love it!!  Working on bathroom cabinets today.

Maria, El Paso, TX




Your paint is awesome my 90"s counter tops are in a new era now. photos and story are on my blog under Kitchen counters get a face lift www.candlebarncrafts.blogspot.com

Kathy,Williamstown, KY

I love the product! I painted my fireplace mantel and now I have started on my kitchen cabinets. I am definitely a fan!

Dana, Montgomery, TX


My first experience with CC was a few weeks ago - see photos before and after. I am going to do more.  It's a wonderful product.

Debbie, Parkridge, IL



I ordered samples in Oct 09....in Nov 09 we had a kitchen fire....& 2 months of restoration later.. i am thrilled with JOY to get back to my home with your products

~ Blessings to you, Melissa


Here are a few pictures that i passed along to fellow Colonial Primitive Friends on my blog
i simply love your new pumpkin
My blog is part of a proboard called a primitive journey community , It has member access only, (but you can join.. it's easy http://aprimitivejourney.proboards.com/index.cgi  )  so i have since started a public blog for what i and my friends call Re-Do's. My first blog entry is a Caromal Colours tribute and to be honest my next two or three will be the same...lol i have lots of new completed projects that were painted with your product and i will be posting them shortly.

I am emailing you today because i am still tickled with your basecoats. I want you to know that just recently after my post about Caromal Colours a  tutorial was posted on that community board "how to distress within a budget" I was laughing at the total price of all mediums used to achieve the same type of effect that your basecoats provide...beeswax, stain, paint & a glaze paint AND how much time drying it took inbetween layers. I think that at quick glance at your site a member found it costly..and posted that tutorial..I again being thrilled with your basecoats spoke up about price*(i showed the math) easy to do** and sq ft coverage...& how W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L your colours are!  I dont usually cause a big stir ..& I have never backed a product before this, But i am now
Any possibilities you will create a pewter and darker indigo/blue colour?
Simply love it!!!

Melissa, Marion, NY

I am extremely impressed with this product and company! I received my product in a week's time. It is quick and the results are stunning!!!!!! Please, please find a distributor in Canada!!!!!!
I will definitely be recommending this product in my blog!
Thanks for having a fun, fabulous, fool proof product!

Heather, Canada 

Hi Al,  Thanks for the follow up, love the paints! Sold many pieces of furniture after using the paints to reinvent them. Referred some people to you guys, I try not to give away my secrets but this stuff is the best. I have attached some pictures of projects that I had painted.  Thanks!
Michele, Succasunna, NJ


I love your product. Did it on this really crappy 1 foot by 1 foot table made out of wood & screwed from the top to hold the legs on. Came out like shabby chic    
Also did an old chair (no arms) that was hanging around for 15 years & didn't have the heart to junk. This turned out good also. On third project, an old table which I'm still fooling around with.  
Fred, Easton, PA

Here are some photos of my daughter's bed that I refinished with Caromal Colours Wisteria.  I also have to finish her dresser and night table.  I was so happy how this turned out I had to send you all some photos.  I'll be working on the other two pieces this weekend.

Rosemary, Perry Hall, MD



I have used the silver leaf to cover brass bathroom hardware and they turned really great.
Love your products! Thanks!

Rita, Louisville, TN


Here are a few photos. The first picture is of both a plant stand and a cabinet. I painted both in a very short time…very happy with the results.
Also, I practiced with different colors on a wall unit door that doesn't actually get used. I just wanted to practice before taking on a big project.
I still can't believe I was able to do this!! It's so EASY!

Janet, Brooklyn, NY



One Desk's Journey...

I recently received an update from one of our customers who submitted a testimonial to us last year.  She receovered an old desk from Goodwill and gave it new life with one of our Distressing Kits.  Below is the original testimonial she sent in, along with before and after photos.

Cheri sent me a link to her blog updating me on the desk.  Click here to read her blog:  @ Home with Cheri

Would love to know where the desk ends up next!

I received my order today, and already painted a desk and I love the paint!  It's so easy to work with and the finish is beautiful.   Here are before and after pictures of the desk I painted.  I got (the desk) at Goodwill for $49;  it's a Drexel Heritage Desk from the 1960's.  It was yellowed and worn before-- but with Caromal Colours paint I've been able to give it a better looking antique look now.  Check it out!

Cheri, Valencia, CA


A Kitchen Cabinet Remodel...

Dear Al & Carol,
As I promised, I am sending you photo`s of my biggest project to date. I redid my kitchen cabinets, which I describe to folks as "orange oak"....and I transformed them
into beautiful pieces of art! I used the Parchment distressing paint, I crackled the raised panels of the doors using a soft gray/blue underneath, and of course, used the toner. I added rustic hardware, and now my kitchen is so bright and beautiful. I placed another order today as my dad wants me to do his kitchen cabinets now! Your product is definately one of a kind! Thank You!!!!!!
Jill Francour
Menominee, MI


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful support.  After two years of hesitation I've finally begun painting my kitchen cabinets.  I was nervous because I am not a skilled painter, and my cabinets were grainy oak.  Your product is perfect.  I cut in the edges with a brush and rolled the rest.  It's looking great.  Special thanks to Sue, at your toll-free number, who was so helpful when I need specific guidance mid-project.

I am expecting compliments on my "new" cabinets, and will not hesitate to steer my friends to you.

West Chicago, IL


I just returned from my first furniture painting class at Country Meadows Retirement Village where my parents reside. The residents and I had a blast! Caromal Colours basepaint was so easy to use. The residents loved the "smushing" technique and were quite good at it. Five seniors painted nine dresser drawers and two frames in less than an hour. They wanted to do more!!! What a hoot!

Thanks so much for making our day so much fun!! Caromal Colours is THE BEST!!!

Jan Schultz
Cabin Fever Crafts
Beallsville, MD


I was going to do only the island in peppercorn & the rest parchment but the peppercorn made the granite countertops look so good i'm now doing all the lower cabinets in peppercorn....

Terri Milan, Austin, TX 

I was so excited to find out about your company through the Country Living Magazine!  We just moved into our 1950's farmhouse last summer. And since then, we've been trying to really make it our own, along with keeping all the old character that we feel in love with. We still have a long way to go with our decorating, but this "plastering, painting & glazing" project was a great begining of things to come.

Thanks so much for everything...you and your company are wonderful...and I'll sing your praises to anyone who'll listen!  Here are some photos...I hope I did your product justice! It is so easy to do. I don't think you can make a mistake! Thanks!

Kerrie, Grand Forks, ND

     Kerrie did a fantastic job!

I have spent the last two days painting one of our fireplaces with the paint I bought from you and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much so that my husband wants me to do the entire family room like this.  We have very expensive, yet VERY OUTDATED oak paneling in there that I have been trying to figure out what do with for almost 3 years.  He has always been against my painting it, but now that he has seen the fireplace, he is reconsidering.

In the meantime I will finish up with the fireplace and contemplate my next move.  I will send pictures soon!

Thanks for such great customer service and a great product.

Anita,  South Beloit, IL

Well...Anita kept her promise...here are the before and after photos!
Anita used our Barnworn Distressing Kit, with Putty over Chocolate as her Textured Basecoat color choices!

I received my order today, and already painted a desk and I love the paint!  It's so easy to work with and the finish is beautiful.   Here are before and after pictures of the desk I painted.  I got (the desk) at Goodwill for $49;  it's a Drexel Heritage Desk from the 1960's.  It was yellowed and worn before-- but with Caromal Colours paint I've been able to give it a better looking antique look now.  Check it out!

Cheri, Valencia, CA


Hi guys me again, I have become somewhat of a painting fool since I was introduced to your products. Here are pics (before and after) of a hutch that I did for a wedding present. This hutch belonged to my boyfriends grandmother who passed away last year. His mother wanted to give it to Goodwill however he decided to keep it and had intentions of selling it. Needless to say it has sat in our garage since. My boyfriends brother got married the end of June so I decided to redo it for a wedding present. It turned out wonderful and everyone is thrilled it managed to stay in the family...Products used were from our new BarnWorn Kit:   textured basecoat peppercorn, chipping cream, then textured basecoat mustard (2 coats), sanded back, then toner with a clear (Neutral) wax on top. It is more beautiful then the pics do justice. Thanks again , love this stuff.

Cathy, Burnham, PA




"i love these products, thank you for all your help...

This sign was an old hardboard santa claus sign that I had in a garbage pile in the basement. it is now on my living room wall, it was done with caromal colours mustard (Mustard Textured Basecoat)...toner  and the twigs and berries stencil. It was also copied from one hanging in carols workshop that I just loved.....Thanks Carol"

                                          Cathy, Burnham, PA


"I just used your distressing kit to do some shabby pieces of furniture I've been meaning to spruce up. Thank you for finally making a product that's easy and fun to use.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do what I saw on your web site, but the instructions were clear and gave me a lot of confidence.  I think I did a really professional looking job.  I'm hooked.  I can't wait to try another kit!!!!  Thanks Caromal Colours!!"

Rachael, El Segundo, California






"I was trying to go for the French Chateau look. I think I did just that. I love the plaster (Textured Plaster) and would most certainly do it again in another room. Carol and Al are so very helpful. They were there for every step of the way. It is fun and you should see how my kitchen is transforming...All that I have left to do it hang the new curtains. HA! I will need to buy more plaster this Fall...Anyway I can not thank you enough for ALL of your help. I just love how it looks!!! :)"

Warm regards,

Wendi, Lovell, WY

June 5, 2008 - Update from Wendi

I get more compliments on the kitchen!!! People just can not get over how I was able to do it all myself! HA! One day I will do the bathroom.

"Wow! I loved the artisans collection!! I wanted a tuscani look and this Coffee Wall Glaze was like the icing on the cake. It made the tuscani look come through on my walls. It was easy to apply, after I wiped it off I could re-apply more or less. At first I was worried that I was going to make a mistake, but the directions were very easy. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can't go wrong!! Thank you for everything, Caromal Colours!!!"

Carmen, Harrisburg, PA


Please feel free to send us a Testimonial of your own and maybe even a photo of your work so we can see your creativity!


      I just recieved your messages and thank you so much for responding so quickly, Wow! I felt really special! I will give the other option a try as I tried the toner by itself and it just didn't show up as I would have liked, because my wood is just to dark. So I will keep trying and when I get it right I will show you, I do papermache santas and I antique over a lot of them so I kinda have a idea as to how it should look, Your paints and etc are great and I am so glad someone finally came up with such a great idea,as I have distressed many things and always wished there was an easier way, Thank Again and keep coming up with more great ideas!