Painting Pattern... allows you to use your own creativity to enhance your surroundings. 

With a little imagination, the possibilities with stencils are endless.

Many stencils can be used right side up or upside down.  They can be applied horizontally or vertically.  You can stencil the whole design or use just part of it.

You can also be creative when determining where to place your design. Typical placement around the top of the room or above a chair rail work wonderfully.  But think about using stenciled designs in less obvious places as well.  For example use one or more stencils to create stripes in a room, or use several designs to create multiple patterns.

A stencil above a baseboard could peek out from your furniture or guide you through a hallway.  A design can be as simple as a greeting over or around a doorway.  You can use multiple, coordinated colors in your designs, or make a beautiful statement by simply using one color.

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How much do I need?

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