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Sampler Gilding Kit
Sampler Gilding Kit

This Kit includes 25 sheets of all three colors of leaf Gold, Siver and Copper.

Gilding is the traditional technique of applying thin sheets of gold, silver or copper to a painted surface. For centuries, artisans have cultivated a mystique surrounding the application of metal leaf and the beautiful finishes that are the result. The materials in this kit will allow you to capture the magical glow that only comes by using real metal.

Kit Includes

Coverage approximately
10 square feet

  • Caromal Colours® Smooth Chocolate Basecoat (8oz)
  • Caromal Colours® Sticky Size (4oz)
  • 25 Sheets of Copper Leaf, 25 Sheets of Imitation Gold Leaf and 25 Sheets of Imitation Silver Leaf (16cm × 16cm)
  • Caromal Colours® Toner (4oz)
  • Each kit also comes with easy-to-follow instructions, a stir stick, 2” chip brush and 1 pair of vinyl gloves (we don’t want your hands to get sticky!); all you will need to complete a beautiful finish!

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